Why You Should Start Focusing on Enhancing Local SEO


Though promoting online business globally has always been important, experts now see that enhancing local SEO is more important than ever. After the launch of “Pigeon” update of Google last 2014, the focus on local search engine optimization has grown. It is given that through the years, online entrepreneurs were failing to consider getting a local tangent on any of their marketing campaigns. However, with the update, many who have been practicing local optimization tactics saw the update as an opportunity to further their efforts. Well, for the naysayers, below are some reasons why it’s essentially a must to pay attention to local SEO.

Google supports local businesses

local businessesThough Google has shown less favor for smaller, newer, and more versatile companies for the past years, the recent update shows the support of the search engine for small businesses with limited access to their resources yet show potential in growing further. With free informational tools that Google has been providing for years, business owners can easily increase and strengthen their presence online.

More individualized results are expected

Google tends to give online users individualized results. Though the customized and predictive search features are currently limited, it can already provide specific results depending on who is searching. As long as you’re logged into your Google account, your location and entire search history will be playing important roles in getting results related to the searches you have made. With more users demanding for individualized results, local optimization will undoubtedly grow through the coming years.

The growing trend on wearable and mobile devices.

The total percentage of searches made on mobile devices is growing every year and the use of wearable devices allows users to perform searches on the go. More and more online users will search for information about local places online. These devices are seen to drive more geographic searches and will soon eliminate more barriers with the physical and digital world.

Competition is never slowing down.

CompetitionMillions of new websites are launched each year and as the competition gets tougher, business owners are forced to try smaller target niches for achieving relevant visibility. To do this, businesses must optimize locally. Unlike competing with brands known nationwide, starting to be visible in local searches is far better than struggling to get into the first few pages on search engines.

How to Start Your Local Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Though it may seem intimidating at first, the following are some of the things you can do to get started in local search engine optimization.

•Correct local citation

Make sure that your business is appropriately and accurately listed across the web. Create a business profile in local directories and local review sites that are directly related to your niche. Don’t forget to provide complete information about your business like your name, address, and your business contact number. Even small inconsistencies can be easily noticed by search engines, which can immediately lead to dropping the local authority of your business.

•Creating local content and building local relationships between relevant sites.

Once your business’ information has been verified, you can get started with optimizing all contents of your website and external links building for local relevance. Creating locally-optimized content by including your city name or your specific location and with your blog titles is a good start. Don’t forget to guest post on local blogs or try improving your visibility on any local media outlets with press releases.

•Engage local reviews.

Encourage your customers to leave or post reviews about their experience with your business on any review sites. Though you can’t solicit their reviews or pay them to do the reviews, you can inform them that your business can be seen on certain sites to persuade them indirectly to leave feedback.

Don’t forget to carry out SEO strategies consistently to boost your online visibility. You will see the results coming soon enough.