What You Can Do With Used Golf Clubs



After several years of getting your skills honed using your golf clubs, you might be thinking of replacing them with something that would more fittingly suit your style of play. There would always be a new brand of clubs you may see in the market every passing year, and to improve your game, it’s natural to get those more innovative clubs sitting around your bag during your driving sessions.

Then again, it would be a total waste if you’d just throw away your old clubs for the sake of making room for new ones. Since these old pieces of equipment have served their purpose well in perfecting that posture you’re trying to achieve and generally being at your side during your A-games, they deserve something more worthwhile.

Used golf clubs may not be as suitable for towel racks as you may think, which may also be applicable to most people. But if your bathroom is designed to give sportsmen something to remind them of their craft, letting a club or two hang around this place would definitely add a little excitement. You can try attaching your used golf club on your bathroom wall using a sturdy drapery hanger. Just ensure that you’d be using one that’s U-shaped and is big enough to hold your club.

Your used clubs may also serve as appealing decors for your game room –

Whether you hang them vertically or horizontally is up to you. But make sure that your clubs would not have the merit they deserve unnoticed by hanging them in groups of five or so. If you really want your clubs to make an impression that would last, you can add color to them using spray paint. Used clubs can also be used for hanging mementos if you’re into collecting various items you may have used from your previous tournaments.


A hook in the shape of an ‘S’ could easily allow your used golf clubs to hang on your wall. On the other hand, if you wish to hang it horizontally, you might as well hang your golf shirt and make the club serve as its hanger by sliding the piece of equipment through the shirt’s sleeves.

Another game room decor idea you can use for your clubs is creating a lamp with the piece of equipment as its base. You might need several clubs to ensure your customized lamp will be stable and as good-looking as it can be. Get a stand where you can attach your clubs with their heads on the floor. After securing their grips, you can then wire the clubs with your lamp and attach a matching shade. This idea is best done using woods since these clubs have broader heads.

Do you feel your son having the stroke of a golfer?

Some people tend to cut down one or more used golf clubs so their kids can enjoy their own game a lot better. This will also help you save a bit while you observe how your son’s interest in golf goes. The height of your used clubs might be a little too much for your kid, though. You can shorten their height to match your child’s by sawing the shaft using your metal saw. After this, you can then apply a new golf grip and the club is good to go for your kid’s practice swings.

golf clubApparently, many golfers, especially beginners, tend to stack their old golf clubs somewhere without really intending to use them for other more meaningful purposes. With a little bit of creativity, you might find your used clubs a lot more useful than simple mementos to remind you of your old golfing days.

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