Make Safety Presentations a Meaningful Experience


Safety presentations are opportunities for managers and safety departments to provide ways for employees to do their jobs better and safer. The topics covered in safety meetings can either be subjects that employees are familiar with or those that they have limited knowledge about. However, even with things that are familiar to them, they should always pay attention because these are important things that could keep them away from harm.

Motivational-SpeakerA safety presentation is designed to keep safety a priority. But presenting a safety meeting is one of the things a lot of managers do not love to do. It can turn out to be just a meaningless ritual if the safety managers just get through the motions. Safety managers should keep things real to make such talks meaningful.  

A lot of times when managers hold safety presentations, the employees have already gone through it. They have been in numerous safety meetings in which the presenter just conduct canned safety meetings. They have seen more than enough uninteresting safety videos. When they are told they would have to attend a safety meeting, the first thing that they expect is that a 30-minute discussion about statistics and warnings.

Holding a Safety Meeting

How can a safety manager keep it real when conducting a safety meeting? First off, it does not have to be a “meeting” in its perfect sense. It does not have to be a scheduled routine all the time. The safety manager can actually come up with an important message and discuss it even when holding regular operations meetings. For instance, if the company is receiving shipment the following week, ensure that a discussion about dock safety is part of the meeting and there should also be plans on where to place the new supply. Another example is when contract welders would be working onsite soon. The manager must discuss safety rules and provide a general overview regarding welding safety. This way, the immediate safety concerns will be discussed right away rather than waiting for the scheduled safety meeting to come. To know more details about safety presentations visit motivational-speaker-success.

Keep It Brief

The employees have gone through the necessary safety training before, so the manager must make sure that the safety presentations will be used to support the safety training and not discuss it again in its totality. The manager can choose a topic and prepare at least two or three key points. The topic must be tied to what is happening in the company and its operations so that the employees will pay attention.

Make It Personal

After discussing some safety reminders, the manager must ask the workers for their experiences. They might have experienced being injured or they might know someone who had an injury that is relevant to the safety topic of the meeting. Open a discussion about how this injury could have been avoided. Getting a few minutes of talk about a safety topic will immensely increase the chance that employees will remember what has been discussed.

Make It Consistent

Safety talks must be part of regular operations meetings. If the team has pre-shift or weekly meetings, the manager can always include safety topics in these meetings. If safe operations become a regular topic, the employees would start to realize that business is not just about aiming for compliance. Safety presentations must not be a scripted speech in which employees just look at the top of the hard hat of their manager while he reads aloud. They should be part of regular meetings and they have to be direct to the point and personal. This way, safety is at the forefront of the performance of the employees.